Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Earth Etude for 23 Elul


The other day I was flipping through a graphic design magazine that had made its way onto our dining room table. In between glossy advertisements for computer software, design contests & conferences, and showcasing new packaging designs, I saw an ad that caused me to stop and think.

It was a promotion to use more paper. The idea (stated more eloquently than I can remember) was that using paper creates a demand and a market that supports farmers to plant more trees and prevents them from having to sell their land for development.
At a time when a lot of attention is being given to food purchasing choices, and emphasis on buying locally, I think the strategy of encouraging people to consider their purchasing choice is on the mark.

On so many levels we can think about the impact of our buying. Vote with your dollars! As someone who regularly deliberates in the produce isle between the conventional local apples and the organic Chilean ones, I know there are no easy answers. There is no “right” product or market. Our actions have consequences for people we will never meet. As we prepare for Rosh Hashanah, and Yamim Noraim (Days of Awe), let’s consider our actions and the impact they have on others in deep and holistic ways. By pausing to think about our purchases, we offer respect to the individuals and resources that have made our choices possible.

- Leora Mallach recently co-launched Ganei Beantown: Beantown Jewish Gardens and has been amazed at the positive feedback and momentum! When not creating new paradigms in the Jewish community, she can be found doing batik artwork or coordinating Youth Conservation Corps programs for teens around Massachusetts.

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