Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Webinar "Why Pray Outside?" scheduled for Friday, July

From Robyn Purchia at EdenKeeper:

EdenKeeper is excited to announce “Why Pray Outside?”, a new event on July 18, 2014 at 12:00 pm PST (3:00 pm EST) with Rabbi Katy Z. Allen of Ma’yan Tikvah, a congregation without walls, in Wayland, Mass.

Allen is a “nature chaplain” — a term she invented. In a broad sense, nature chaplaincy can mean anything having to do with the earth. But at its core, a nature chaplain helps people make a connection between religion/spirituality and the environment. “I feel like the two really compliment each other and enrich each other,” Allen told me. “It’s not like you can have one and not the other — they’re all part of the same thing.”

Perhaps that’s why praying outside is so important to Allen. She has told me that surrounding herself with creation adds a new dimension to her Jewish faith — a feeling that she is not alone, she is part of a larger world. There’s a beauty in worshiping the Divine under the heavens.

During the webinar, Allen will provide practical tips for worshiping outside and show some instructional videos. Viewers will get a chance to ask her some questions and learn how they can best incorporate nature into their daily spiritual practices. And hopefully everyone will develop a stronger interest in connecting their faith with the environment.
Please join us on July 18th at 12:00pm PST for “Why Pray Outside?”. The event will be held on Google Hangouts and the link to the Hangout will be available 30 minutes before the event. Please RSVP on Facebook or Google Plus.

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