Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Force of Our Desire - Omer Day 11

Netzach of Gevurah
by Judith Felsen

Can the force of our desire
create a power made for self,
become a tool for good?
Can the strength of our own will
convert a tidal wave of damage
into streams of irrigation?
May our desecration carve a birthing place
for possibilities otherwise untold?
Will our irresponsibility bring us miseries
which smash the walls of our denial?
Can pride and greed transform
to good will, cooperation meant for all , not one?
Will our heading for disaster help us realize
the team we’re on has helped to do us in?
It’s not too late, it seems, to use the errors of our ways
to make new paths now based on life instead of profit.
On this day of netzach of gevurah,
may we use our will, our pride, our stubbornness
to make our victory our new surrender to Your yoke  
to feed our fortitude to plow Your fields
as You would have them done.
Intensity of our mistakes can turn things inside out
transforming sewage heaps to sparkling mounds of memories
reminding us of our mistakes
now tilled  with new corrections as we
turn our strength, our stubborn will, our victories
to work for You.

Today is the eleventh day, which is one week and four days of the Omer.
Today is the eleventh day, which is one week and four days of the journey from bondage to revelation.

Copyright 2015  Judith E. Felsen, Ph. D. Used by permission.

Judith Felsen holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, certificates in hypnotherapy, NLP, Eriksonian Hypnosis, and Sacred Plant Medicine. She is a dancer of sacred circle dance, an AMC kitchen crew, trail information volunteer, trail adopter, and daily student of Torah and Judaism. She is enrolled in Rabbinical Seminary International. She has studied Buddhism, A Course in Miracles, and other mystical traditions. She is a hiker, walker, runner, and lives in the White Mountains with her husband and two large dogs. Her life centers around her Jewish studies and daily application.

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