Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Blessing: To You

by Judith Felsen

To you who have not known the velvet blackness of a moonless starry night,
who have not tasted wild water and quenched your thirst in the brooks of our wildernesses,
who have not heard the profundity of windless silence in the woods and on the meadows,
who have not sought shelter under the canopy only of our forests,
who have not played in the gardens of our wildflowers growing madly in impoverished  soils,
who have scoffed our culture and denied our values,
who have scolded our schools and demeaned our institutes of greater learning,
who have bemoaned our loneliness and screamed at our alienation,
who have combated our negligence and cried out for our abuses,
who have cradled our animals and protected our innocents,
who have wandered lost and aimlessly through years that might otherwise have been abundant.
To you I wish that the magic of nature soothe your mind as the rains water your soul,
that the madness of ferocious lightning illuminates your essence and kindles your heart,
that the wisdom of the equine kingdom penetrates your senses,
that the hills support you, the trails guide you and the moon, sun and stars light your path.
May you be blessed in the presence of wildness, free, and released in the spirit of the natural world.
May you find your wise woman in the call of the world around you.
May you bring her home and keep her with you forever, always to journey in joy, light and peace.
May the forest enter your heart and never leave.

Copyright 2015  Judith Felsen, Ph.D.

Judith Felsen holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, certificates in hypnotherapy, NLP, Eriksonian Hypnosis, and Sacred Plant Medicine. She is a dancer of sacred circle dance, an AMC kitchen crew, trail information volunteer, trail adopter, and daily student of Torah and Judaism. She is enrolled in Rabbinical Seminary International. She has studied Buddhism, A Course in Miracles, and other mystical traditions. She is a hiker, walker, runner, and lives in the White Mountains with her husband and two large dogs. Her life centers around her Jewish studies and daily application.

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