Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Night Sky Poems

by Judith Felsen, Ph.D.

Heavenly Waltz

Last night the heavens shimmered as
You arrived to dance with us.
Your constellations’ twinkling drapes
chandeliers of light
made divine synchrony,
Your choreography emerging 
from the stars.
Celestial joy embraced us
in exuberance for life
as we rejoiced light footed, 
ecstatic dancers
mortal and eternal
shedding and creating
Your waltzing sparks of light divine.

Modest Moon

Tonight Your moon appeared behind
a dusty mask of clouds
veiled in modesty, 
not to mesmerize her gazers.
Midway to fullness
both her glow and essence 
took command of sky and stars,
her dusky radiance dominant.
Received through moonbeams 
palpable  and seen,
an ancient memory reveals
her undefeated lunar journey.
Witnessed, monthly she departs
and then appears
in triumph, dark or crescent
carrying Your light to night.
Concealed, her lunar power
humbly showers earth
with promise You are here.
We  are moonlit watchers of Your will
engaged for centuries 
with  ancestry,
in awe of luminary’s rays 
sacred and divine 
Your modest moon. 

Full Moon

Majestically she bares herself
fulfillment of a fortnight’s 
prayers and dreams.
Our merit and mistakes,
she holds in radiance
a lunar record of our journeys here.
Within a corridor 
of clouds and stars 
her body rises to remind us
of commitments made
at new moon’s darkened skies.
Completion of her cycle
records time to celebrate 
review, and recreate 
our purpose here, 
a data base of contracts 
with our souls.
Lunar mentor overhead,
unfailing in her mission,
she guides our fortnight’s passage
as we move daily/nightly 
coming home.

New Moon

Suspended in a darkened sky
behind earth’s  shadowed curtain
new moon holds a template 
for a prophecy 
of  weeks to come.
Blackness of the night
invites projection of  desire,
casting will and need
into the heavens.
This night in darkness 
we are seeding destiny,
responsible for harvesting fruition.
New moon holds invitation.
We are the guests expected,
bearing sin and virtue,
wants and gifts
in forging days to come.
Tonight in darkness 
our intentions cast a blessing,
fortnight’s wishes now embedded 
in the moonless sky.
New moon holds each prayer, 
a wish divine dictated 
dormant in the darkest night 
awakening to manifest tomorrow,
new moon gone to crescent light.

Longest Night

Waste not this longest night,
instead embrace these darkened hours
to know of grace in shadow.
Reflect in weakened light
the presence of the strength
which blackness brings, 
the midwife of all light eternal.
Kindle inner wicks which bond
with flames of heaven,
blazing sparks to soar divine
transforming pain to glory.
In darkness are these lights revealed
intrinsic gems of wisdom
brilliant specks in dark descended.
Be with night’s longest undercover
become  G-d’s radiance divine this longest night.

© Judith Felsen, Ph.D.
Judith Felsen holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, certificates in hypnotherapy, NLP, Eriksonian Hypnosis, and Sacred Plant Medicine. She is a poetess, consultant, creator of collaborative integrative programs involving  nature, Judaism and the arts,  daily student of Torah, sacred texts and various teachers particularly the Baal Shem Tov and Chassidus, sacred circle dancer and an avid kitchen worker. She enjoys sharing studies, all of the outdoors, the garden, harvesting, prepping ,walking, hiking, running, meditating and conversing with the earth. She serves on the board of the Bethlehem Hebrew Congregation, Neskaya Center for Movement Arts, and the Mount Washington Valley Chavurah.  She lives in the White Mountains with her husband, two large dogs and thenative community of the surrounding forest.

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