Monday, September 3, 2018

Earth Etude for Elul 24 - delights in breaking your own behavior and heading towards love

by Molly Bajgot

delights in breaking your own behavior
and heading towards love:

when water logged branch 
comes girdling down the stream
and gets caught by poised stick, gracefully,
i hang

on its varied


with its dancer.

i watch from a brightly blazed, hot sun rock
naked, this intimate exchange

and then, off it goes —

drifting away, pushed by some force lightly more powerful
than all the other tide pulses, loosening it free —
it glides on until, aha — caught again —
g l i d i n g , 

mowing forward,
relying on the 
current the
stream the 
effortlessness and
stubbornness of their
being —
you be - ing
of light and steam . . . 

i’m watching, learning —
the branch does not return up stream.
it’s gentle flow mentions, murmurs:
forward, i dream, 

keep fluttering, and ruffling, 
bumping against other branches and leaves,
mooring on shore here, shore there
and then back again, rolling,
back to yourself, back


learn from the journey; 
the branch does not return 

Molly Bajgot is a Jewish singer-songwriter and community organizer from Sudbury, Massachusetts. She currently lives in Northampton, Massachusetts. She is a lover of music, healing arts, and the outdoors. When she gets the chance to do these things together, she feels at home. She loves to craft ritual, and to be in community both as a member and as an organizer.

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