Sunday, May 3, 2020

Covid Poem 4 - Corona Awakening

by Judith Felsen, Ph.D.

Covid has awakened me
releasing  life before,
a bridge of consciousness, 
transit to a world unknown
pathway unfamiliar yet inviting,
mind has changed
perception of the world anew
one virus ended history
one choice creates our future
a world as one impacted
in unity, connected will survive

One virus ended life before
one consciousness is our tomorrow.

Judith Felsen, Ph.D. is a poetess, Clinical Psychologist, coach, 2nd generation holocaust survivor, hiker, dancer, walker, volunteer, lover of nature, gardens, wilderness, beach, ocean and mountains. Her work addresses issues of recovery, 2nd generation survivors, the natural world, gardens and harvests, life cycle issues, spiritual questing, social issues, community issues and personal requests. Her poems have been published and widely distributed in national and specific publications. She is a New York native and resident of new Hampshire. She frequents Long Beach and lives with her husband and two large rescue dogs at their camp in the White Mountains of N.H. and house near the ocean in Long Beach. She actively studies the mystical and esoteric aspects of Judaism and is a member of the board of the Bethlehem Hebrew Congregation and the Chavurah of Mount Washington Valley. She writes often and offers consultation upon request.

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