Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Earth Etudes for Elul 13 - Next Time You Are Thirsty

by Rayna Carner

Plastic bottles between you and me

Drinken once and then thrown into the sea

Not directly- first they’re thrown in the trash

They travel to the landfill among other ash

Precipitation ensues, carrying empty bottles away

They float into oceans, breaking into micro-pieces for eternal stay

Marine life mistakes bright plastic for treat

Pollution-ridden homes, they decide to eat

Now, those plastic bottles that our oceans are so rich in

Will move from small fish to medium to seafood in our kitchen

So that water or soda or caffeinated tea? 

That you thought you got rid of but really threw in the sea?

Is sitting there on your very plate

Do you want this to be your grandchildren’s fate?

Please, reuse and recycle that annoying bottle!

Whoever said single-use must be the road to follow?

Because no one wants micro-plastic floating in their sea

Please remember next time you’re thirsty

Rayna Carner is a current freshman at Tulane University planning to major in Environmental Studies. She is from Natick, Massachusetts, and was involved throughout high school in the teen community at Temple Beth Elohim in Wellesley. This summer, Rayna interned at JCAN, creating two infographic guides about how to have a sustainable b’nei mitzvah project and party. 

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