Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Shanah Tovah - Reflections

by Rabbi Dorit Edut

Sun-speckled lakes
Gaze upwards at stone titans
Jagged profiles
Reflections of eternity.

Pine-scented paths
Through emerald thickets
Where life cycles

Breathe in - breathe out
We align with transcendent rhythms 
Azure heavens
Pondering partnerships with Creation.

Shanah tovah!

Rabbi Dorit Edut grew up in the city of Detroit and has a deep commitment to its revitalization. Eleven years ago, she brought together a diverse group of clergy and civic leaders in Detroit to find ways to help revitalize the city of Detroit with a focus on its youth. This resulted in the creation of the Detroit Interfaith Outreach Network (DION) where religious and civic groups share their projects and gain support from this network. DION has also holds a series of interfaith services and social/educational programs every few months to spiritually uplift Detroit and bring people from city and suburbs together. The group has also created programs for career exploration, conflict resolution, literacy, and arts and cultural awareness, and monthly supplies food, hygiene items, and clothing for youth and families in Detroit, working with several Detroit schools. She is also an executive board member of the Interfaith Leadership Council of Metro Detroit.

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