Tuesday, April 4, 2023

As Your Prepare for the Festival of Freedom

by Rabbi Katy Z. Allen 

As you prepare for the Festival of Freedom,
for leaving behind bondage,
whether physical,

or otherwise life-destroying,

whether due to personal concerns,

or in response to
communal or global violence,
the desecration and destruction of our planet,
threats to democracy at home
and around the world,
including in places beloved
to our hearts,

or other wide-ranging threats
to life and liberty,

may you find your heart opening,
your mind enlightening,
your willingness to be vulnerable expanding,
your compassion for others deepening,
your capacity to witness pain growing,
and your ability to act,
according to the dictates
of your familial and communal traditions
and your conscience,
reaching new heights;

may you find new prayers in your heart,
new strength in your bones,
and new courage throughout your entire being.

Chag sameach,
Happy Passover,

Rabbi Katy and Gabi

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