Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 12 of the Omer

On the twelfth day of counting the Omer, the fifth day of the second week, we experience Hod of Gevurah - Humility in Restraint.

Some birds are hard to see. We may hear them, but they are so well camouflaged that actually seeing them is difficult. Yet, they still retain importance in the ecosystem and the web of life. Their camouflage helps them survive. Young birds, nesting females, birds that forage on the ground, and those that are nocturnal and sleep by day are all likely to have coloring that helps them blend into the background. This lack of need to put themselves out there for all to see helps them to survive.

Hod of Gevurah - Humility of Restraint. We, too, do not need to always put ourselves out there for all to see. Even in our holding ourselves back and holding ourselves in, even in our strength we do not need to be visible to everyone. No matter what, we are visible to the Holy One of Blessing, and let us understand and know that this is what counts in life.

Baruch atah Adonai Eloheinu melech ha'olam, asher kid-shanu b'mitzvotav, vitzivanu, al sefirat ha'omer.

Blessed are you Adonai our G!d, ruler of the universe, who sanctifies us with mitzvot and commands us regarding the counting of the Omer.

Today is twelve days which are one week and five days of the Omer.

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