Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 17 of the Omer

As we continue through the third week of counting the Omer we come to the combination of Divine Attributes Tiferet in Tiferet, Harmony in Harmony, or Balance in Balance.

The chemical formula for water is H2O, indicating that one molecule of water contains one atom of oxygen bound to two atoms of hydrogen. A molecule with a similar makeup, but two atoms of oxygen bound to two atoms of hydrogen, is hydrogen peroxide, a very different substance with very different properties. One atom of oxygen bound to three atoms of hydrogen is the hydronium ion, which is, in essence, acidic water. Polluted water is often acidic, and may contain many hydronium ions. Hydronium, too, is different from plain water, though more easily converted to water than hydrogen perioxide. Either way, whether an extra oxygen or an extra hydrogen atom is added, the balance changes and something new forms.

Sometimes our balance changes, too. We may become out of balance when we don't get enough sleep or when upsetting events occur and throw us off course, off balance. When our balance shifts, we, like water molecules, become different. We lose our sense of being in harmony with ourselves and our world, and we have to work to regain our equilibrium. Maintaining Harmony in Harmony is a constant, daily effort to keep ouselves on an even keel, to stay focused, to be connected to our inner selves, to be in close relationship to G!d. When we are able to maintain Harmony in Harmony, we feel a sense of being at peace with the world and with ourselves.

Baruch atah Adonai Eloheinu melech ha'olam, asher kid-shanu b'mitzvotav, vitzivanu, al sefirat ha'omer.

Blessed are you Adonai our G!d, ruler of the universe, who sanctifies us with mitzvot and commands us regarding the counting of the Omer.

Today is seventeen days which is two weeks and three days of the Omer.

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