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100 Mitzvot

by Rabbi Katy Z. Allen

I am in a period of list-making. My first list is of 100 mitzvot. Why these? Each one in some way speaks to me as something to think about and consider, deeply, not dismissively and not routinely, but to really consider what it does or can mean to me. I invite you to enter into conversation with this list - perhaps there are one or two that jump out at you in some way. Take the time to sit with them, and see if they might trigger some kind of change or deepening of your relationship to G!d.

In making this list, I used as resources this list of the 613 Mitzvot from the Mishneh Torah of Rambam, Goldie Milgram's Mitzvot Cards, Teaching Mitzvot, the Chafet's Chaim's The Concise Book of Mitzvot and the Shulchan Aruch. The decisions of what to include are totally mine, are subject to change, and at some point area arbitrary, Translations / interpretations are mine or adaptations of those in these sources. The categories are adapted from this list of 613 Mitzvot, but in the end are mine.


Relationship to G!d
1) יה אחד   Yah Echad
Experience G!d and G!d’s unity. (Ex. 20:2; Deut. 5:6; Deut. 6:4) 
2) אהבת יה Ahavat Yah
Love G!d (Deut. 6:5) 
3) יראת יה Yirat Yah
Stand in awe of G!d (Deut. 6:13; 10:20; Lev 19:14, Shabbat 31b)
4) והלכת בדרכיו         V’halachta b’derachav 
Imitate the ways of G!d; Walk in the Divine footsteps (Deut. 28:9, 26:17) 
5) ברית Brit 
Enter into the covenant (Gen. 17:10, 12; Lev. 12:3)
6) עבודה זרה         Avodah Zarah 
Refrain from idolatry and destroy it when it is before you (Ex. 20:4; Lev. 19:4; Deut. 12:2-3) 
7) תשובה         Teshuvah 
Engage in repentence and return to G!d (Num. 5:7)

Family, Home, and Body
8) הידור זקנים Hiddur Z’keinim
Honor the old and the wise (Lev. 19:32) 
9) מזוזה Mezuzah 
Affix a mezuzah to the doorpost of your home (Deut. 6:9) 
10) כיבוד אב ואם Kibud Av va’Em 
Honor and revere your father and mother (Ex. 20:12; Lev. 19:3) 
11) חופה וקידושין Huppah v’Kiddushin 
Enter into sacred relationship through the sacrament of marriage (Deut. 24:1; Gen. 2:24)
12) פרו ורבו  P’ru U’r’vu 
Bear children in your time. (Gen. 1:28) 
שלום בית                 Shalom Bayit 
Maintain peace in the home (Gen 18:13)
14) פדיון הבן         Pidyon HaBen 
Redeem your firstborn child. (Ex. 13:13; Ex. 34:20; Num. 18:15)  
15) כתובת קעקע        K’tovet Ka’aka’a 
Do not tattoo the body (Lev. 19:28)
16) שמירת הגוף        Shmirat Haguf 
Guard your health (Gen. 1:27; Deut. 2:4)

17) תלמוד תורה   Talmud Torah
Learn and teach Torah (Deut. 6:7) 
18)  להדבק בחכמים         L’hidabek b’chachamim 
Spend time with those who are wise (Deut. 10:20)
19) לכתוב ספר תורה         Lichtov sefer Torah
Write a Torah scroll (Deut. 31:19) 

Ritual and Prayer
20) ציציות         Tzitiot 
Wear a garment with tzitziot on the corners (Num. 15:38) 
21) להניח תפילין         L’haniach tefillin 
Bind tefillin on your head and arm (Deut. 6:8) 
22) תפילה Tefillah 
Engage in regular prayer  (Ex. 23:25; Deut. 6:13; Gen 24:63; I Sam 1:22)
23) קריאת שמע Kriat Shema 
Recite the Shema morning and evening (Deut. 6:7) 
24) ברכת המזון Birkat Hamazon 
Recite grace after meals (Deut. 8:10)
25) ברכות          Brachot 
Recite blessings before eating and at other times (Deut. 8:10)
26) מקווה         Mikveh 
Immerse in the ritual bath (Lev. 15:13-15; Lev. 15:28-30) 

Emotions and Feelings
27) ואהבת לרעך כמוך V’ahvata Lereicha K’mocha 
Love all human beings (Lev. 19:18)
28)לֹֽא־תִשְׂנָא        Lo Tisnah
Refrain from hatred in your heart (Lev. 19:17) 
29) לא תטוֹר Lo Titur 
Refrain from taking revenge (Lev. 19:18) 
30) לא תקוֹם         Lo Tikom 
Refrain from bearing a grudge (Lev. 19:18) 
31)  אהבת הגר         Ahavat HaGer 
Love the stranger (Deut. 10:19) 
32) לא תחמוד         Lo Tachmod 
Do not covet what belongs to another (Ex. 20:14) 
33) לא תתאוה         Lo Titaveh 
Do not crave something that belongs to another (Deut. 5:18) 

Behavior in Private and Public
34) לֹא תַעֲמד עַל־דַּם רֵעֶךָ Lo Ta’amod al Dam Reicha
Do not stand by idly when human life is in danger (Lev. 19:16)
35) לִפְנֵי עִוֵּר לֹא תִתֵּן מִכְשׁל          Lifnei Iver Lo Titeyn Michshol 
Avoid actions that will cause others to do wrong. (Lev. 19:14)
36) עָזב תַּֽעֲזב           Azov Ta’azov 
Relieve others of their burdens (Ex. 23:5) 
37) לא להונות זה את זה Lo lehanot zeh et zeh 
Do no wrong in buying or selling (Lev. 25:14) 
38) להשיב משכון         Lehashiv Michon
Return a pledged or pawned object to its owner (Deut. 24:13) 
39) מעזני צדק         Moznay Tzedek 
Ensure that scales, weights, and weighing are correct and accurate. (Lev. 19:35-36; Deut. 25:13-14) 
40) לניח לפועל לאכול        Laniach lepoal le’ecol
Allow hired laborers to eat of the produce they are reaping (Deut. 23:25-26) 
41) הלנת שכר         Halanat Sachar 
Pay wages on time without delay (Lev. 19:13; Deut. 24:15) 
42) היוצאי מי פיו יעשה Ha-Yotzei Mi-Piv Ya’aseh 
Make only promises you intend to keep and keep them, do not delay in fulfilling them. (Deut. 23:22, 24; Lev. 19:12; Num. 30:3)
43)  עדות Eidut
If you possess evidence, testify in Court (Lev. 5:1) 
44)שֹׁחַד לֹא תִקָּח        Shochad lo tikach
Do not take a bribe (Ex. 23:8) 
45) מעקה         Ma’akeh
Make a parapet for your roof and take other actions to prevent accidents. (Deut. 22:8) 
46) לא תגנוב         Lo Tignov 
Do not steal. (Lev. 19:11) 
47) השבת עבידה HaShavat Aveidah 
Take notice of lost property and return it. (Deut. 22:1; Deut. 22:3) 
48) לא תתורו         Lo Taturu 
Avoid following the whims of your heart or what you see (Num. 15:39)
49) דינה דמלכתא דינה          Dina D’malchuta Dina 
Be a law-abiding citizen (Shabbat 54b)
50) בל תשכית         Bal Tashchit 
Do not waste or destroy the environment. (Deut. 20:19-20)
51) זכור את אשר עשה לך עמלק Z’chor et Asher Asa L’cha Amalek 
Remember what Amalek did and work against evil. (Deut. 25:17; Deut. 25:19)
52) צדק תרדוף         Tzedek Tirdof 
Pursue justice. (Deut. 16:20)

53) לא לקלל Lo Tikalel
Refrain from profaning the Divine name. (Ex. 22:27- 28; Lev. 22:32) 
54) לשון הרע ורכילות         Lashon Hara v’Rechilut 
Do not wrong others with your speech (Lev. 25:17; Lev. 19:16) 
55) הוֹכֵחַ תּוֹכִיחַ         Hochiach Tochiah
Speak out against hurtful behavior. (Lev. 19:17) 
56) גר לא תונה ולא תלחצנו         Ger Lo Toneh V’Lo Tilchatzenu
Refrain from improper speech or business dealings with strangers  (Ex. 22:20) 
57) נדרים          N’darim 
Do not speak the name of G!d in vain (Ex. 20:7)
58) לא תענה עד שקר          Lo Ta’aneh Ayd Shacker 
Do not to testify falsely (Ex. 20:13) 
59) גניבת דעת         Genivat Da’at 
Avoid deception and do not swear falsely. (Lev. 19:11) 

Animals, Plants and the Land
60) הָקֵם תָּקִים          Hakem Takim
Come to the aid of animals in need. (Deut. 22:4) 
61) צער בעלי חיים           Tza’ar Ba’alei Chayyim 
Treat animals with respect (Lev. 22:28; Deut. 22:6-7; Deut. 22:10; Deut. 25:4) 
62) כלאיים           Kilayyim 
Do not sow different kinds of seed together in one field (Lev. 19:19) 
63) שַֽׁעַטְנֵז           Shatnez 
Be aware of the origins of your clothing. (Deut. 22:11)
64) 1 שמיטה Shmita 1
Allow the land lie fallow in the Sabbatical year (Ex. 23:11; Lev. 25:2) 
65) 2 שמיטה Shmita 2
Sound the Ram's horn in the Sabbatical year (Lev. 25:9)
66) אהבת ציון          Ahavat Zion 
Develop a relationship with Israel (Num. 33:53)

The Poor and Distressed
67) פאה, לקט, ושחכה            Peah, Lecket & Shichi’chah
Leave the corners of the fields, the gleanings, and the forgotten sheaves for the poor. (Lev. 19:9; Lev. 23:22; Deut. 24:19-20) 
68) צדקה           Tzedakah
Give to the poor what they need, according to your means. (Deut. 15:7; Deut. 15:11)  
69) להלְות    Lehalvot
Lend to poor people. (Ex. 22:24) 
70) לא לתבוע ללווה          Lo Litboah Lilvah
Refrain from demaning repayment of a debt when one cannot pay (Ex. 22:24) 
71) פדיון שבויים         Pidyon Sh’vu’im 
Free captives (Deut.15:7)
72) 3 שמיטה Shmita 3
Relieve debts in the Sabbatical year 

Shabbat and Holidays
73) ראש חודש וקידוש לבנה         Rosh Chodesh V’Kiddush Levana 
Acknowledge the New Moon and the Waning moon. (Ex. 12:2) 
74) שמירת שבת Shmirat Shabbat 
Observe and remember Shabbat to sanctify it; Rest on Shabbat. (Ex. 16:29; Ex. 20:8; Ex. 20:10; Ex. 23:12; 34:21) 
75) לחגוג חגים         Lachgog Chagim 
Celebrate the festivals of Passover, Shavu'ot and Sukkot. (Ex. 23:14; Deut. 16:14) 
76) להוצאי חמץ L’hotzi Chametz 
Remove chametz from your home on the Eve of Passover (Ex. 12:15; Ex. 12:19; Ex. 13:7)
77) לא לאכול חמץ Lo le’chol chametz 
Refrain from eating chametz on Passover (Ex. 12:20; Ex. 13:3; Deut. 16:3) 
78) לאכול מצה         Le’chol Matzah 
Eat matzah on Passover (Ex. 12:18) 
79) זכור את יציאת מצריים         Zachor et Yetziyat Mitzrayim 
Discuss the Exodus from Egypt on the first night of Passover (Ex. 13:8) 
80) ספירת העומר Sefirat HaOmer 
Count forty-nine days from the time of the Omer harvest (Lev. 23:15) 
81) לא לעבות בחגים         Lo La’avod Ba’chagim 
Refrain from work on the Festivals of Passover, Shavu'ot, Sukkot, and Sh’mini Atzeret (Lev. 23:21; Lev. 23:35; Lev. 23:36)
82) לא לעבות בראש השנה        Lo La’avod B’ Rosh HaShanah 
Refrain from work on Rosh Hashanah (Lev. 23:24; Lev. 23:25) 
83) לשמוע קול שופר         Lishmoa Kol Shofar 
Hear the sound of the shofar on Rosh Hashanah (Num. 29:1) 
84) יום צום         Yom Tzom 
Fast on Yom Kippur (Lev. 23:27; Lev. 23:29) 
85) לא לעבוד ביום הכיפורים         Lo la’avod b’Yom Hakippurim 
Refrain from working on Yom Kippur (Lev. 23:31-32) 
86) לולב ואטרוג         Lulav v’etrog 
Shake the palm branch with the other three plants on Sukkot.(Lev. 23:40) 
87) לשב בסוכה Leishev ba’Sukkah 
Dwell in booths seven days during Sukkot (Lev. 23:42)  
88) פרסום הנס         Pirsum HaNes 
Light Hanukkah candles ( Bavli 23b)
89) שלך מנות         Shalach manot
Deliver gifts on Purim

90) כשרות 1 Kashrut I 
Refrain from eating meat, fish, poultry, and other animals that are not kosher. (Lev. 11:4; Lev. 11:11; Lev. 11:13; Lev. 11:41-44; Lev. 11: 46; Deut. 14:19; Ex. 22:30; Deut. 14:21).
91)כשרות 2 Kashrut II
Avoid eating worms found in fruit (Lev. 11:41) 
92) שכיטה        Shechitah 
Eat only meat of animals raised and butchered humanely and according to the laws of shechitah (Deut. 12:21) 
93) כשרות 3         Kashrut III
Refrain from eating meat and dairy products together. (Ex. 34:26; Ex. 23:19) 
94) זוֹלֵ֖ל וְסֹבֵא         Zolel v’sovah
Refrain from eating or drinking like a glutton or a drunkard (Lev. 19:26; Deut. 21:20) 
חלה (59         Challah
Set aside a portion of dough when making bread. (Numbers 15:18-21)

Acts of Lovingkindness
96) ביקור חולים         Bikkur Holim 
Visit the sick (Gen. 17:26-18:1)
97) כבוד המת          Kavod HaMeit 
Bury and mourn the dead. (Deut. 21:23)
98) נחום עבלים           Nechum Aveilim 
Comfort mourners (Gen. 25:11; Deut. 34:6)
99) הכנשת עורכים  Hachnasat Orchim 
Welcome visitors (Gen 18:3-5)
100) כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה          Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh La-zeh 
Support others in all your communities (BT Shevuot 39a)

Rabbi Katy Allen is a board certified chaplain and serves as a Nature Chaplain and the Facilitator of One Earth Collaborative, a program of Open Spirit. She is the founder and rabbi of Ma'yan Tikvah - A Wellspring of Hope, which holds services outdoors all year long. She is the President of the Boston-based Jewish Climate Action Network

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