Saturday, September 5, 2015

Earth Etude for Elul 22 - Help Me Be

by Carol C. Reiman
Help me be as steady as the oak, 
ocean, owl's gaze; 

Flexing as the bird's wing,
cattail in the breeze,
stream 'round the stone; 

Patient as the long daylight,
path to the horizon,
journey to my core;

Gliding back and forth,
inner, outer,
values mirroring my mien. 

As I tire, fresh start,
spiral ever out afar; 

Treasuring earth's teaching,
voicing its protection,
seeing to its keeping,
as I work to seek my own. 

Carol C. Reiman juggles making a living, caring for family, and keeping ties with communities of human and non-human species.

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