Thursday, September 5, 2019

Earth Etude for Elul 6 - God I Am Your Sapling

by Nakhie Faynshteyn

God I am your sapling

Let me take in your sunlight
so that I may nourish my leaves
And grow vibrant and green

Let me take in your rains
and let them soak into my roots beneath the ground

I will be nimble and bend
My branches will stretch and sprout buds
While my roots hold me firm and planted

God I am your sapling

Nakhie Faynshteyn is a first generation immigrant from Odessa, Ukraine who lives in the Fenway area in Boston. He is as climate and social justice activist working with the Sunrise Movement, Kavod and Boston Workmen’s Circle cultivating discussion and action around topics of classism and environmental justice. Through a collaboration between Kavod and Workmen’s Circle he co-leads a group on Jewish Identity and Classism.

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