Sunday, September 29, 2019

Shanah Tovah 5780 - May We Be Like Rocks

by Rabbi Katy Z Allen
photos by Gabi Mezger

We think of rocks as solid and unchanging,
like G!d.

We call G!d 
Tzur Yisrael - Rock of Israel,
Tzuri v'Goali - My Rock and my Redeemer.

But, rock changes.

Influenced by wind and water,

by plants

and lichens,

rocks break apart,

become smaller

and smaller.

Influenced by heat and pressure,
rocks join back together.

Influenced by global movements,
rocks rise up 
to form vast mountain ranges.

As we enter this new year,
may we allow those we love,
the circumstances of our communities and the world,

and the state of our planet

to change us,
to make us stronger,
and more flexible,

that we may be like G!d,
and like rocks --
but ever-changing.

Shanah tovah u'metukah --
wishing you a good and sweet new year,
Rabbi Katy and Gabi

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