Saturday, August 17, 2013

Earth Etude for Elul 13 - Resistance

by Lois Rosenthal

There is resistance to the waning of the year
These late summer days of afternoon warmth
Sun’s glare softened by a chill
A bit of orange creeps in to the solar yellow

Fall is almost upon us, Elul is here
Time to think about wrapping up this old year
And stepping into the next

There is resistance

Remember last year’s beginning?
The intentions, the clarity of changes to make
The possibilities of bringing G-d into one’s life
The realizations of what path to follow

Now we have questions to answer.
What happened to those efforts?
Some fruitful, some forgotten
Others too simplistic or too hard
Perhaps there were some moments of contact with the divine
And other moments so very human

Resistance expects an inner voice
To answer with a list of shortcomings

Yet Elul is a tender month, and guides us
To approach the new year with appreciation for the old
Appreciation of every mindful effort
And then to build on what has been done
Repair the weak spots

And keep building


Lois Rosenthal is a member of Temple Tifereth Israel in Winthrop, MA. In addition to participating in Shabbat services, she works with Hebrew School students, prepares students for Bat/Bar Mitzvah, and regularly gives divrei Torah. Previously, she was an academic in the sciences.

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