Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Earth Etude for Elul 22 - For Lifts

by Nyanna Susan Tobin

I am helped by...Remembering that where ever I sit or stand, it is sacred ground. Sometimes it is hard to believe this wisdom. But, If I can re-remember my roots, and my strong belief that we are all apart of the on-going cycles of creation and of unraveling,  then I can wake up and realize the miracle of this moment.

One of my goals for this summer was to slow down, and honor my desire for living closer to the land and water, in my neighborhood. But in between watering and harvesting for a few backyards, I have traveled all over New England. I went to a Slow Living Summit in Brattleboro, VT. I found and sold an antique (1740's) map in Hyannis, MA. I went to a Social Justice & Storytelling gathering in New Hampshire, and experienced the strong earth energy at The Round House in Colrain, MA. We also celebrated the crossing over of two special elders who live with me in Wayland Housing. And  participated in Ma'yan Tikvah's Shabbat in Nature retreat in mid-August. As Molly B. wrote, how does it all this cook nutritious bread? This summer, I have experienced so many others working to make our world work for the present and for the future.

Maybe all religions foster a love and awe of the past, our roots. The exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls at The Boston Museum of Science, is a journey into the past. Two thousand years ago, our ancestors made pots, and ink, and parchment. They lived in uncertain times, but they left us with their seeds, the work of their hands, and their written instructions for meeting the end. The end of existence is what the scroll scribes predicted. They were getting ready for their last breaths.

What will we be getting ready for this year? We have the science, the evidence of global warming and the rise of the waters. We have people living under tyranny, and those trying to take back their humanity.Our people are recovering from nearly loosing our footing on earth. I imagine that while I continue to struggle with budgets, and making real food, hopefully, I will be thankful for these daily struggles and the awareness that I am standing or sitting on Sacred Ground.
Nyanna Susan Tobin is an Organic Storyteller, Member of Wayland Transition, loves real food, and can often be found walking with her dog and Wellness Partner, Ziggy.

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