Saturday, September 20, 2014

Earth Etude for Elul 26- We Will be the Change We Want to See

We will be the change we want to see

I am squatting
I am wringing laundry with my hands
I am picking chunks of dirt from the soles of my feet

I am learning to smell the open sewer when I breathe in and out

I am walking
I am jostling in a vikram, in a small car that must have the air conditioning switched to off in order to make it up the Himalayan Mountain where love calls

I am exhausted
I am exhilarated
I am joyful

I am fretting as we weave ourselves up the steep slope and you can see where the cars have already fallen off the cliff

I am terrified when I come upon a mighty pack of horses thrown into the road that barely fits one car—
Let alone the screaming families that want to test their fate on these trails that have seen no rain yet— not me

I am sore
I am flexible
I am sleepless and full of thoughts; I need a vacation from my mind

This landscape that changes when I turn the corner now, the next moment and the moment after that, this landscape is heavy and full and I feel that way—
Pregnant, ready to give birth

To ideas and poems and thoughts and love for those that come to share the same dust and dirt—
For a day, a week or months at a time—
One man who will live like a baba

I have found the nomadic family from which I once sprung
We walked and walked looking for a place to set camp

We the family
The agents of change

Aged and ageless are we
Tireless and tired

Policy makers, activists, farmers, and worker bees
We will be the change we want to see

Andrea Cadwell MA, MSc is a consultant for non- profits and NGO's worldwide. She focuses on sustainable economic development and resiliency in addition to policy development and implementation.

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