Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 24: Tifereth b’Netzach

Beauty Perceived and Lasting
by Lois Rosenthal

Many blessings are given
It is said
To those who follow the Law

Who navigate life
By Judaism’s guideposts
Intending to do right

Also said (or it should be)
That many blessings come
To all who so much as take a breath
Blessings unearned and unsought

We are blessed with a mind 
That is nourished by starlight
Takes pleasure in spectral hues
Feasts on designs found on flowers and birds
Relishes musical scores

Who knows what really is “beauty”
Who knows why we treasure it so
We only know that it brings us delight
And fullness which lingers within

With age our bodies lose power
Eyes and hearing may dim
Yet this pleasure-response to beauty

As part of our fiber, endures

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