Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 30: Tiferet b' Hod

Tiferet of Hod
by Judith E. Felsen

Just as the winds of earth carry Your seeds to scatter
so did Your servant Jacob bring the seeds of Torah to distant lands
carrying the message of Your embedded  light to all.
Today the force of Torah, mitzvot, prayer encircles earth as does the wind
awaiting harness and our yoke, embodiment of beauty
and Your will through every choice.
Like Jacob, may I flow as wind, now channeled by Your laws,
directed by Your will, and empowered by Your might
bringing harmony  and light to sites of darkness.
May the beauty of an open mind, willing heart, bended knee
and love’s devotion carry me aloft upon Your winds
in service as one who sows  the seeds of all Your harvests.

Am I willing to allow myself to let the winds of  “that which is meant to be”  guide my path?
Am I willing to develop myself by  harmonizing  lovingkindness and discernment to become  a more effective emissary  of Torah’s peace?

Am I willing today to embody right thinking in compassionate action  to crack  shells/defenses of darkness so that “the light comes through”?
As a child of Israel, am I willing to accept this as my purpose here on earth?

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