Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 34: Yesod b'Hod

Yesod of Hod
by Judith E. Felsen

Would that this evening I bring the glory of sunset,
passionate, fleeting, reflective and meaningful
to my encounters and relations.
Would that tonight I allow my connections
to be as effects of a twinkling star,
intimate, anonymous, inspiring, and elevating.
Would that today I greet all experiences with
anticipation of dawn’s sunrise, bringing possibility
and potential to the world.
Would that today I engage with noontime’s strength
offering power and will divinely directed
to serve and heal this world.
Would that today I bask in afternoon’s ease,
awaiting twilight’s new day,
connected, inspired, empowered, impassioned,
grateful to be a conductor, a channel,
a spark of light of and  for You.

Am I willing today to combine the possibility of  experience and potential as a channel for divine will?
Am I willing to view the structure of today’s passing hours as a vehicle for bringing light to this world?
May I today offer myself as a conduit bringing  divine presence to all my encounters.
May I today honor  relationships as containers of divine light to which I contribute and for which I am grateful.

Am I willing to incorporate time, space, and all that I am and bring, to enhance all of my connections?
Am I willing to bring light today to all that is created and that I create?
Today I will  contribute to my relationships, enhancing connection as  a reflection of the unity in which we dwell.

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