Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 35: Malchut b'Hod

Malchut of Hod
by Judith E. Felsen

The heavens are exalted in their brilliance
as their grandeur is of You.
Each star reserves a place of dignity
and majesty to call its own
and yet all bodies are respected
lights  within Your great divine display.
Each one of us is as Your star
with  role assigned in Hashem’s greater plans.
We take our place in heaven’s script through
Torah, mitzvot , prayer by which the light we do retrieve
Illuminates our constellation.
Your kingdom here on earth is lit by You through us
as we, Your earthly luminaries extend Your majesty divine,
in sparks of holiness through daily acts
directed by Your will and created in Your love.
As we gaze above to heaven’s starlit majesty,
we touch the divine core within, the You that dwells in us.

Am I willing to allow myself to be a creator within the divine plan?
Am I willing to commit today to clear any blocks, internally and perhaps externally, to allow my life to be a channel of divine creation?
Today I acknowledge my divine center.
Today I know I am a part of my Creator and a star of brilliant light within G-d’s constellation.

Am I willing today to participate in the divine constellation as a brilliant star among stars?
Am I willing today to offer mitzvot  that will divine illumination?
Today I recognize the magnitude of what can be created with the will of G-d and that I am a part of that creation.
Today I humbly take  responsibility for the majesty of  creations and my role here on earth.

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