Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 28: Malchut b’Netzach

A Kingdom of Lasting Values

Children love to play King and Queen.
They set up their palace under the dining room table,
Bring in the dolls and stuffed animals,
Put on a crown,
And order their subjects around.

Little do they know that
As they grow, they will be building
A real kingdom of their own.

The kingdom is based on pillars of value
They learn from their parents
If they are lucky:
“We do not hurt each other”
“We help out whenever we can”
“We always try to do the right thing”
“If we make a mistake, we correct it”.

If they are lucky
They also learn about G-d,
Who has more to say about right and wrong
And loves their innate capacity for

If their souls are undamaged,
Their growth will be guided
By desire to do the right thing.
Their struggle is to know what that is
And how it fits with independence
And self interest.

Then life will become their teacher.
Through innumerable interactions – people, environment, self
Through innumerable successes and innumerable failures
Through innumerable difficulties and mistakes
Through realizations and learning and adjusting and starting over
Maybe through praying,

A kingdom of values is built
Which strengthens with time and experience
and confers authority on a life.

That kingdom, that authority, is Malchut.
Netzach is the lasting quality of those values
That reflect the goodness of G-d.
Malchut and Netzach
What more could we want for our children?

By: Lois Rosenthal


  1. Innocent play of the divine I like your poems
    . In playing we find everything we need
    we find a fiend God is in our side.

  2. Thanks for your comment. The importance and value of play not only for children, but for us adults, too!


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