Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 41: Yesod b’Yesod

Yesod b’Yesod
by Rabbi Howard Cohen

 [T]he human need of the Sabbath comes to parallel the need of wilderness:  both are a gift, providing the possibility for humankind to share in the Creator’s enjoyment of the natural world.  The environmental consequences of this vision are enormous, since enjoyment presupposes respect and care.  Robert Barry Leal,Wilderness in the Bible: Toward a Theology of Wilderness

U’midbar matanah/From wilderness, a gift. --Numbers 21:18

Reflections / Contemplation:
What wilderness ‘gifts’ do I treasure?
What Shabbat ‘gifts’ do I treasure?

A Commitment for Inner / Outer Action:
This week I will give myself the gift of Shabbat/rest by turning off my electronic devices and spending time outside enjoying the season unfolding around me.

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